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Welcome to Daniel and Lawson Pest Control.  We are a full service provider of pest control services for all of
North Georgia since 1981.  

We offer residential and commercial pest control.  We offer interior and exterior pest control services for your home.  
Daniel & Lawson Pest Control offers a complete pest management program for all commercial establishments. 
We have been offering pest control solutions to many business and school systems in the North Georgia area for the 
last 20 years!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are the materials that Daniel & Lawson Pest Control uses?

At Daniel & Lawson Pest Control, we fully understand and respect the products that we use.  We only apply these products when they are needed to correct a problem.  Safety is a top priority and all pesticides are applied with special care.
I am expecting the birth of a child.  Will the use of these pesticides be safe to use around my unborn child?

Most normal pregnancies have no complications resulting from any products that are used by Daniel & Lawson Pest Control.  We do suggest that you consult with your physician before any services are performed.  We will supply you with labels for all pesticides that may be used in or around your home upon your request.  For expectant families, we will often suggest an outside perimeter service to prevent unwanted pests from invading your home.

After my regular service visit, will I experience any pest problems?

You might see an occassional pest before your next regular service visit.  The residual action of our treatment is intended to keep infestations of insects from occurring in your home.  If you are seeing more than just an occasional unwanted pest, please call our office and we will come back at no charge to you and correct the problem.
Will my plants and pets be safe when you do an outside treatment?

Yes. Exterior applications of our products will not harm any of your plants.  Pets should always be kept off any liquid treated areas until all surfaces are completely dry.  Normally, three hours is long enough to allow for drying.
Should we call you back if it rains soon after your service?

No.  Service immediately following a rain is not necessary unless you are still having problems.  Exterior applications are affected very little by rain.  The residual left by a dried chemical will normally last for several weeks.  The granular insecticides are activated by moisture.

What can I do as a home owner to help reduce my pest problems?

There are multiple possible solutions to many pest problems.  Our service technicians are very well trained in detecting pest problems before the problem actually occurs.  We believe that a thorough pest inspection by a qualified pest control technician is the first step in correcting any pest problem.  After a thorough inspection of the premises, we will be happy to make some suggestions regarding what you can do to help create the pest free environment that you want.
Recently I have noticed many bumblebees swarming around my house.  They seem to be going into holes in my siding and deck.  What can be done?

The bee that you saw was actually a carpenter bee.  This bee makes its own individual nest by chewing into the wood, thereby creating cavities.  With the application of the appropriate products the carpenter bees will be prevented from nesting in your home.
Where did all of these fruit flies come from?

The fruit fly is a small brown fly which is usually brought into your home on fruit.  Most of the time, bananas are how they get into your home, but fruit flies may be brought into your home on almost any fresh fruit or vegetable.  You must find the breeding area for the flies.  Check your garbage.  Discarded vegetable or fruit products are a favorite breeding ground for fruit flies.

Do builders of new homes guarantee their homes against termites?

During the early construction phase of a home, many builders do have a pest control operator treat the soil of the construction  site before cement slabs or basement floors are poured.  This process is called a pre-treatment.  This process is done for a number of reasons.  One of the primary reasons is that most lending institutions require a wood infestation report when the home sells.  In order for the pest control operator to supply a satisfactory report, we must apply the chemical liquid pre-treatment.  However, the builder only pays for the innitial subterranean termite treatment.  The homeowner is responsible for any annual renewal cost.
Why are stucco homes dangerous where termites are concerned?

A stucco finish it is not as effective in protecting your home against subterranean termites.  Many times stucco finishes go below ground surface levels.  A small crack may develop between the stucco finish and foundation wall.  This creates an entrance point for termites which cannot be easily detected.  The synthetic stucco homes have a rigid foam board. between the foundation and the outside wall.  This rigid board may act as a sponge to ground moisture.  This type of stucco will allow all the subterranean termite to travel undetected into other areas of your home.  Also, because this type of stucco conducts moisture, a subterranean termite can stay in your home longer, doing more damage before returning to its colony.  In some more severe cases, subterranean termites may establish a colony even above ground level.  But, with our know-how, we can effectively apply a liquid treatment for the subterranean termite which will satisfy your home's needs.
We recently noticed some dirt on the drywall on our home.  We brushed and off and noticed that there were some holes behind the dirt.  Within a couple of days the dirt reappeared.  What should I do?

It sounds like you may have a problem with subterranean termites.  Please contact our office either by email or by phone at: 770-735-4707.  We will be happy to schedule an appointment to come out and take a look at your home.  This will be a free inspection and you will not be under any obligation.
While doing some yard work, I picked up a piece of wood laying a few feet from my home.  This piece of wood was full of termites.  Should I worry?

Termites naturally dispose of dead wood.  Even though termites are in this piece of wood only a few feet away from your home, it does not necessarily mean that your home has termites.  This does mean however, that termites are close to your home and it would be a good idea to have a trained professional inspect your home.

How quickly can termites infest my home and how long will termite treatment last after completion?

Subterranean termites may infest a home or any structure even during the early stages of construction, especially if the structure has not been properly treated.   Our liquid treatment is designed to act as a barrier and keep termites out of any structure for long periods of time.  However, many things can disturb the barrier such as landscaping, excessive rainfall, erosion of soil or leaky pipes.  If the liquid barrier is breached, termites may enter your home without detection.  Every homeowner should keep a current and active subterranean termite warranty in effect for their home.

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